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Our Facilities

In-house design, development, testing & validation

SET group front door

SET group is headquartered in the Greater Philadelphia area in downtown Conshohocken PA.  The facility has over 5,000 square feet of fabrication, engineering, laboratory, and testing facility floor space.  SET group facilities are specifically designed and fully equipped for the development, prototyping, testing, and qualification of sophisticated Hi-Rel hardware and subsystems.

SET group’s scientists, engineers, and technologists can work effectively and efficiently to design, develop, and qualify next-generation technology in a vertically integrated facility.  SET group currently houses all the necessary assets and infrastructure to internally design, test, and prototype power conversion hardware and systems.  SET group’s external research partners and service providers ensure an effective path to commercialization and flight readiness of new technology.

Raul Alvarado giving a presentation

Efficiency is a key element of SET group’s technical portfolio and organizational foundation!