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Evaluating a system setup

On-Site Evaluation & Testing

Complete Functional Testing and Device Validation Processes

Power conversion solution designs are becoming more capable, smaller and complex. Testing and validation is performed to assure a design complies with internal and external design specifications. A design must be tested for functionality, quality, robustness, reliability, performance, and any other feature(s) that is/are required depending on the application.

Testing and validation is performed to deliver objective and comprehensive data/results that verify design specifications, interfaces, diagnostic commands, and any other requirements. As designs become more complex and deliver more capable products, the need for more specialized testing protocols becomes more critical. From Printed-Circuit-Board (PCB) layout, to interfacing connectors, to high voltage power transistors, every component in a design must be verified at a system level. It is through this rigorous testing that the limits of power conversion continue to improve, resulting in products that are able to meet the demands for more power dense solutions.

The Challenges of Testing & Validation

Demand for more capable power conversion solutions in a smaller package is increasing across all industries. Transmitting power at high voltages and high frequencies leads to smaller designs. However, the implications of these new design approaches require new testing and validation procedures, processes, and practices.  

The SET Group Difference

SET group focuses on the design and development of high reliability power conversion solutions. As we push the limits of power conversion, we innovate our validation process by establishing new test procedures and techniques to verify and validate designs.

  • SET group has an in-depth understanding of specifications in the aerospace and defense industries. This knowledge along with our understanding in high voltage high density power conversion leads to successful testing and validation procedures.
  •  Our testing facilities are equipped with advanced power electronics equipment capable of testing high voltage designs at high frequencies. Furthermore, we have on-site capabilities for environmental testing including thermal, shock and vibe.
  • Our engineers and specialists have hands-on experience in the complete life-cycle of power conversion solutions, from conception to validation in the aerospace and defense industries.
  • We have developed new testing and validation procedures to verify our patented technology developed in collaboration with NASA and the DoD.

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