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Electro-thermo-mechanical prototyping example

Electro-Thermo-Mechanical Prototyping

Prototyping for Design & Engineering Validation

We understand how critical it is to reach production. SET group is an agile company able to quickly turn around prototypes for testing and validation, ensuring a product’s viability by meeting strict specifications.

Prototyping is a critical step that requires multiple iterations. During conception and design, most of the potential production problems may be anticipated. However, not all solutions can be approved until a unit is built. Furthermore, as the design becomes more complex or consists of innovative engineering approaches, prototyping allows the for the testing and validation of fundamental aspects of a design.

The Challenges of High Power & High Voltage Power Module & System Design

Design verification is a tedious process that requires the combination of design and engineering development along with prototyping. The specifications and requirements a design will have to meet must be well understood in order to employ the appropriate prototyping and manufacturing techniques. Prototypes can be used to validate a design and its fundamental functionalities. Prototypes can also be used to validate production processes and practices.

The SET Group Difference

We take a holistic approach when we build and prototype any design. We understand the implications that electrical, thermal, and mechanical details of a design have in the manufacturing process. Additionally, we understand how materials and techniques can have a significant effect in design, development, and production schedules and costs. SET group’s team of engineers can anticipate any potential production problems and quickly optimize solutions.

  • We are an engineering team with knowledge in various manufacturing processes. This know-how provides us with the insight to prototype designs with manufacturability in mind.
  • SET group has an on-site light machine shop for accelerated prototyping. Alongside reflow ovens and specialized equipment for assembling densely packaged units, we are equipped to quickly turn around complex prototypes.
  • At SET group, we have successfully assembled power conversion solutions that rely on state-of-the-art designs. Through a multidisciplinary approach, we have pushed the limits of power conversion with innovative thermal management solutions with creative manufacturing processes.
  • Our patented thermal management solutions and planar magnetics designs have produced prototypes with improved manufacturability and performance.

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