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Custom module and system design example


Balanced experienced for WBG-based technology integration and deployment

The next generation of high frequency and high voltage power conversion provides key benefits to commercial, industrial, and defense applications. This new generation of power systems requires a unique combination of knowledge, experience, and skills to successfully design and develop. The engineering team at SET group is highly skilled and capable of designing customized electrical and mechanical solutions to meet your high power, high voltage, high density, high frequency power needs.

High voltage and high frequency power converters can supply high power with higher efficiencies. The advantage of high frequency switching lies in reduced size and weight of the power converter’s reactive elements. Together with high voltage busses, techniques like Zero Voltage Switching (ZVS) can further reduce conduction losses. High voltage WBG-based systems can go on to drive the next generation of electric propulsion systems for land, air, sea, and space platforms, and can also provide the foundation for low-loss power transmission systems.

The Challenges of High Power & High Voltage Power Module & System Design

Distribution of electrical power at elevated voltages requires precautions so power remains controlled and isolated to ensure reliability and safety. An advantage of operating at high voltages is that a given amount of power can be distributed using smaller and lighter transmission wires. However, this leads to more stringent requirements for fast feedback response to prevent catastrophic events produced by shorts or other transient events produced by a load. Similarly, high voltage designs require a higher degree of complexity in layout, interlock & clap-down circuitry, isolation, and even interface selection.

The SET Group Difference

WBG power devices provide the capability of operating at higher voltages efficiently. Although higher voltages lead to more efficient power transmission, it brings new sets of challenges (i.e. corona discharge, isolation considerations) that may not be as straightforward as it may seem to tackle. SET group has gained experience over the years of developing high voltage power conversion solutions for various applications, and has been able to leverage the benefits of high voltage for modular designs. 

  • We have a deep understanding of high voltage designs. SET group has expertise in high-voltage pulsed power conversion (used for plasma generation, for example) which reaches voltages above 20kV. Dielectric barrier discharge (DBD) systems require a detailed circuit model for successful implementation. SET group leverages this know-how when designing modular power conversion solutions that operate at high voltages (i.e. 600V bus) and the required considerations when integrated at system level (i.e. connectors, isolation).
  • We rely on various softwares for the design of these high voltage modular units. Spice simulation software, numeric computer platforms, and CAD modeling tools are all used during the design and development stage.
  • SET group has successfully designed and developed high voltage power solutions using WBG devices up to 2kV. Similarly, SET group has extensive experience developing very high voltage pulsed power converters, exceeding 20kV for the generation of plasma for surface treatment. We have covered a wide range of high voltages and our team is ready to tackle the challenges that custom high voltage design may bring for different applications.
  • SET group’s technical team have published and patented technology in high voltage power conversion. From DBD plasma to high voltage wireless power transmission.

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High power and High voltage power conversion Expertise