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AM Thermal Management example

Additive Manufactured Thermal Management

Unmatched design freedom for innovative thermal solutions

Additive Manufactured Thermal Management Systems increase performance, reduce size & weight, and provide modularity & scalability for high heat flux applications. In addition to the performance benefits that are provided by additive manufactured thermal management systems, AM can provide additional benefits throughout your technology lifecycle and streamline speed-to-solution.

The use of additive manufacturing in thermal management systems has been one of the most successful implementations of “3D printing” in today’s supply chains. By removing the limitations of conventional manufacturing, novel combinations of materials, geometries, and operations have been designed, built, and validated. Innovations such as micro-heat exchangers, single-piece two-phase heat spreaders, and more, through additive processes such as Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS) and Laser Power Bed Fusion (LBPF). The ubiquitous nature of AM equipment, materials, and processes, all unlock multi-source supply chains that are capable of providing the on-demand production of large-scale parts within a secure value chain.

The Challenges of Additive Manufactured Thermal Management Systems

Additive Manufacturing has provided an immense boost in design freedom for thermal management systems. Novel heat exchanging geometries with low pressure drops have been heavily leveraged for high heat flux applications. However, creating a design suitable for additive manufacturing is not as trivial as some may think. Although additive manufacturing can create geometries not easily created through conventional manufacturing, AM requires critical design practices that can significantly affect build success, quality, and performance. Even after a successful build, there still exist an array of challenges to overcome. Post-treatments, processing, and even finishing can all impact final part qualification and acceptance. 

The SET Group Difference

Together with our commercial and defense partners, SET group has explored and matured critical designs, processes, and modes of operation for additive manufactured thermal management solutions.  SET group has heavily invested in overcoming the challenges encountered during the integration of GaN and SiC power devices.

  •  Our engineers and specialists have been creating additive manufacturing solutions from the early days of rapid prototyping for a broad portfolio of applications
  • Our testing facilities are uniquely equipped for the thermal, shock, and vibe evaluation of AM prototypes as discrete components or as part of more complex assemblies.
  • Our engineers and specialists have hands-on experience through the complete AM production process, from the design to post-processing of high heat-flux cooling devices.
  •  Our patented integration technology developed in collaboration with NASA and the DoD continues to unlock power handling capabilities of existing and new power modules.

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