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WBG Power Converters, Inverters, Switchgear, and Controller Modules for High Reliability Systems

Whether you’re actively integrating high density power technology or you’re looking for application support on next-gen power systems, SET group will be your one-stop shop. SET group provides off-the-shelf solutions to fulfill plug-and-play needs with all your desired engineering support in-tow. As is the case for any new technology, our engineers are prepared to assist in the education, assessment, integration, and operation of all our power converters and systems. Choose from our line of existing modules or work with us on your own system today!

From our experience, we understand every customer has a different metric of success. Every one of our customers is also in a different stage of wide band-gap technology adoption and development. Whether you’re simply beginning to research the benefits of GaN and SiC wide-bandgap based power or are looking for fast-paced hardware development and support, SET group is ready to meet your technical and project needs.

Learn how GaN Power technology can impact your engineering efforts Today