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Enhance and Accelerate Electrical Power Systems Development

High Density, High Power, High Voltage, High Efficiency
Power Conversion

Through a tight integration of novel technologies and capabilities, SET group’s proprietary power conversion solutions are enabling the electrification of next‐gen military and commercial platforms. Our technology provides beyond state‐of‐the‐art performance with unparalleled configurability.

Our latest module provides ultra‐wide range input and output capabilities with true symmetrical bi‐directionality in a single Universal Power Converter: providing unmatched integration flexibility and performance.

Power Density:
Specific Power:
Converter Efficiency:
Low Voltage Power:
Input/Output Range:
1kW (single 3U module)
High Voltage Power:
10kW (single 3U module)
Symmetrical Bi-Directionality
SET group 28V to 1200V 3U Power Converter


The ongoing efforts by the Army to electrify its fleet of combat vehicles require compact, reliable, and high power electrification systems that can withstand the most austere environments.  SET group’s DC-DC power conversion technology addresses these demands through:

  • High voltage and symmetrically bi-directional topologies (28V/600V)
  • Modular and scalable design
  • Innovative thermal management solutions


SET group’s technology can meet tomorrow’s demand for multi-kilowatt-class power conversion required for the electrification of aircraft.  Our technology can deliver:

  • High power densities (30W/cm³) in an advanced modular system
  • Kilowatt-class power conversion modules
  • Compatible with industry standard form-factors (VPX, VNX, DOSA, etc.)


Through our advanced thermal management systems, SET group’s power conversion technology is capable of quickly releasing high amounts of energy in short pulses.  The development of new directed-energy weapons in future naval surface ships will require advanced power conversion solutions such as ours:

  • Capable of handling wide load variations
  • Compact power conversion designs
  • Scalable to meet high power requirements
SET group technology applied to space sector


SET group’s power conversion technology addresses the need for rad-hard electronics with SEE latch-up immunities and High TID tolerances.  Thanks to our modular approach, SET group’s technology will be ideal for future space programs where multi-functionality is required to reduce risk and increase redundancy.  

  • High power, high voltage power conversion for electric propulsion
  • High voltage power distribution to minimize power losses
  • Rad-Hard electronics for orbits at or beyond LEO

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